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Explore impressive Ojcow National Park.
Pieskowa Skala CastleOjcow National Park is positioned in the vicinity of Krakow zone, about 15 minutes away by bus, inside the Jurrasic Krakow-Częstochowa Upland. You will enjoy this setting in spite of the fact the area is regarded as one of the smallest Polish green parks.

The park's fantastic green surrounding draws many tourists every year. The park's popular trademark is the fantastically-shaped ‘Hercules’ Budgeon’ stone. Another attraction of the region is the historical Pieskowa Skala Castle, currently existing as a European art exhibition.

The nature reserve houses many species of exceptional animals like hawks, woodpeckers or kingfishers. Don’t forget to travel to the wonderful Pieskowa Skala Castle once youcome to Nationa Park of Ojcow.

Auschwitz memorial on UNESCO list.
concentration camps auschwitzAuschwitz Birkenau memorial is presently the alone former German Nazi prison enclosed to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. The Polish district Oswięcim in the neighborhood of the city of Krakow contains this huge memorial.

The complex involves two historic concentration camps: Auschwitz I and KL Auschwitz II. They create the factual proof of the sadness and harshness of the being of the people who were tortured there. Majority of them were of Jewish origins who were murdered inside the crematoria.
Other causes of deaths included starvation, physical exertion and also surgical attempts that the confined were treated with.

Arrive to this important place and witness the tragic chronicle of the poor who lost their lives in this camp.

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Past times of mass murder in Auschwitz museum.
Auschwitz campThe exhibits archive situated in the southern Poland, in Oświęcim, forms the historical memorial where you would see the Nazi concentration camps KL I Auschwitz and Auschwitz KL II - Birkenau. The dramatic evidence of the holocaust tooked place in that place during World Word II is memorized in that place. Having origins in 1947, the Auschwitz Museum is situated in several important sections. The entire surface area is placed on the 191m wide ground.

What you will be presented there with are also original passageways, the railway ramp, the barrier but also many different collections and evidence of the convicts' life and suffering including the items of every day routine like boots, purses etc.

Presently, the institution shows the constant exhibit along with the temporal ones memorizing the history of those who were murdered there and were coming from different countries. Many of tourists every year make it the most commonly visited past Auschwitz Birkenau extermination camp in the entire Europe.

The divine image of The Black Madonna of Częstochowa on Jasna Gora.
czestochowa The holy painting of the Virgin Mary with immature Jesus on her shoulders is the most commonly blessed and honoured relic amid the Polish Catholics as well as the members of the Orthodox Church. Furthermore the icon is respected as the national sign of Poles.

The story of the image is still not exactly clear and obvious but it is speculated to have been painted by the Saint Luke on the top of the table which was owned by the Holy Family. Some other story looks back on the Pauline monks from Republic of Hungary who probably got the image in 1382 to the Monastery.

The Black Madonna is frequently attributedwith having miraculous. During the historical Deluge in XVII century, The Black Madonna gave the hand to force the Swedish incursion back. Another unusual rescue which our lady of Czestochowa supervised was at the time of the sudden fire trial of the church building. This is why The Black Madonna of Czestochowa was crowned the Queen and Protector of Poland by the King John II Kazimir Vasa in 1656.

The extermination reminescences in Auschwitz Birkenau death camp.
auschwitz campThe Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp is perceived by many as the big evidence of the Holocaust because it is usually referred to among the biggest and most renowned extinction camps amid in the World. The camp in Auschwitz was working in 1940-ies not long after Poland was joined by the Nazi Germans and right away started to be the central target of large termination of mostly Jews. some other victims were from Poland, Soviet regions and a few different countries.

The German title Auschwitz stands for the Polish town named Oświęcim and Birkenau in the place of the near small town – Brzezinka. Most likely around 3 million victims are thought to have been assassinated there, mainly by having been gassed.

Other causes of these numerous deaths engaged famine, infections as well as physiological effort. Let’s visit Auschwitz and contemplate upon those who ended their existence there in an inconceivable excruciation.

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International airport in Krakow
krakow airport to cityThe formal name of the Balice airport is Krakow Airport im. Jana Pawla II. It is an international airport that is located 11km to the west from the centre of the city. The concern named Miadzynarodowy Port Lotniczy im. Jana Pawła II Krakow - Balice sp. z. o.o. is a current administrator of the airport.

Taking into account the total amount of people and connections it’s the second largest airport in the country, only behind the one in Warsaw. The perspectives for the airport looks definitely promising. About eight mln potential passengers lives within 100km from the airport, moreover additionally it is located on the extremely busy communication route. Krakow airport is really well accessible thanks to to numerous of trasnport firms providing Krakow airport transfer straight to all hotels in city cnetre.

Within forthcoming twenty years there is going to be a development of the airport. The previous prognoses were claiming that Balice will improve from 3,5 million passengers in 2015, to 6,5 million 10 years later. Right now it is obvious that these predictions are insufficient because the pace of the development is much quicker.

Nature reserve of Crystal Caves of Wieliczka mine - the sheer charm.
salt mines wieliczkaThe Crystal Caves Nature Reserve is placed in the beautiful Wieliczka Salt Mine which is considered to be one of the vastest and most original mines among Europe. Visitors are allowed to see the exhibition after going down 70-114 meters depth underground. The exposition offers mainly the impressive parts of halite crystals.

Their large size and impressive beauty would probably intrigue anyone. You are welcome to besides discover and enjoy watching other salt crystals which are rigorously sheltered because of their great value as well as rarity. Let's visit the Mine and see the immaculate shine of these crystal objects after finishing the visiting the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Every person who have vacations in Krakow have to check out Wieliczka Salt Mine tour and go to this marvelous place.

Gorge of Dunajec – most notable area!
dunajec river raftingThe Dunajec Gorge, called as the pearl of Pieniny Mountains, is virtually one of the most appealing places you have to find during coming to Poland. The gorge is settled in the southern Poland and on the north of Slovakia. Dunajec gorge makes the basis for the Dunajec River that you may travel on. Lined by 300m steep stones it makes 7 meanders as it goes.

Rafting on the wooden canoes you may find the natural beauty of the surrounding wildlife – rare flora and infrequent fauna. All these factors may get you delight and memorable recollections. During this water journey, you could also encounter some other awesome places like haunted castles in Niedzica and Czorsztyn.

Be sure to take your camera as you could take lots of pictures of this magnificent scenery. Don't forget that the the Gorge features on UNESCO’s Tentative List of World Heritage Sites in Poland and so you simply have to come up and encounter it!

Take a trip to town where Karol Wojtyla lived.
wadowiceThe petty township Wadowice lies on the south of Poland, not far away from Krakow city. You may arrive there in one hour by coach. Wadowice's hallmark is the remarcable fact that the Pope John Paul the 2nd was born at that place.

Different points in the town of Wadowice refer to the pope's past being. The main one is his family’s previous little flat on Koscielna 7 Street where the Pope grew up.

Currently, it stands for a museum where you can observe the Wojtyla family's individual objects enough to mention images, furniture, appliances for the kitchen and a few others. In the vicinity of the flat there is the scenic baroque church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary inside the inner section of the town where the immature Karol Wojtyla used to go aside.

Guests may besides see the college the pope attended in Wadowice town. Because the Wadowice town has the roots in XIII century you may see there extraordinary, historic houses.

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Katowice international airport
katowice airport shuttle Katowice Pyrzowice is a regional airport that taking into account numbers of people served is third in Poland. This airport is located approx. 30km from Katowice, near the town called Pyrzowice. It’s got two terminals that can work with over 3,5 million people per year. In 2003 the airport became a business partner of the cheap airlines. Since this time, the significant increase in the amount of flights can be observed.

There are two really positive facts about Katowice’s airport – it’s got the most charter flights in the country and, at the same time, it is the fastest improving airport in the country. The most flights are dominated by the Hungarian airline – Wizz Air. Some Polish authorities are trying to improve the comfort for the passengers by developing Katowice airport transfers with other places.

A direct railway between Katowice and Pyrzowice is definitely the most important improvement.The entire transport in the South Poland can improve thank to this twenty four km railway.


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